Well isn’t this a great start  for 2020. People on quarantine, losing their minds, conspiracy theories abound and talk of war (WTF). Hey people take a step back and chill. Yes it is a tough time for a lot of people but we will get through this for the most part.

So what have I been doing. Lately working to get the garden up and running, propagating my seeds indoors, all my seeds are Heirloom open polinated from It feels good to get my hands in the dirt. Hopefully this year I will have a good producing garden.

I have been out riding my Triumph Street Scrambler. Bought this bike last year and it is a total joy to ride. Riding around on the backroads being a total hooligan. I can take it off road but have not done that yet, need to find somewhere.

Next for 2020 is the Killer Wasps.

2 leaves people.